Take the limits off.


“When the vessels were full…the oil stopped flowing.” 2 Kings 4:6

If the question was asked “How big is God?”  You would most likely reply: “God cannot be measured.”  But I say, “show me the size of your expectation, and I will show you the size of your God.” We have the theological understanding that God is infinite;  1 Kings 8:27 says “Behold, heaven and the highest heaven cannot contain you;”. The expression of the glory of Almighty God is on full display in nature (Psalm 19:1; Romans 1:20), but when it comes to humans, God has limited himself to the extent of our faith. We mistakenly think what matters is the size of our faith, when in effect the determinant is the object in which we place our faith. In other words, it’s not about your great faith, it’s about faith in a great God.

The conflict lies at the intersection between the Divine and the Natural. Our definition of what’s possible or impossible is largely driven by our natural (physical and mental) experience of the world we live in. Rabbi Pesach Wolicki describes how faith challenges that order:

“The Divine law does not exist in the context of the laws of nature. God’s law does not respond to the earth…when the divine law enters the world the natural order must bow to it. Nature is weak in the power of God’s law.”  This is demonstrated in Joshua 10:13, when Joshua asked God to cause the sun and the moon to stand still, so he could destroy his enemies.

We must ask ourselves: “is my faith creating an environment conducive for the power of God to manifest?” God fullness is not going to display at 100% in a 10% environment. The Bible says Jesus could not perform miracles in Nazareth except lay hands on a few people and heal them because he was limited by the people’s unbelief (Mark 6:5). Filling up a one gallon bottle to be brim with sea water does not reflect the vastness of the ocean. It’s not about what we take; it’s about what is left.

God desires and is able to bless us, but just as the prophet Elisha told the widow not to get just a few vessels (2 Kings 4:3), we must take limits off what God can do. If we desire to experience the fullness of God, we must expand our capacity for more of Him. If our goal is to maximize our potential, then our aspiration is limited; natural abilities won’t go far. Rather, we are to constantly cultivate and exhibit faith that will provide the conduit for the manifestation of the Almighty God’s power in and through us.


In Him,


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