“When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?”Luke 18:8

I enjoy the convenience of automatic doors because it requires no effort on my part, except to walk close enough for the doors to open. You tend to appreciate this nifty feature when you’re out shopping, and you’re walking out of the store loaded with shopping bags.  Not all doors are automatic doors; some doors have a “Push” Or “Pull” sign, which require the exertion a physical pressure in the direction of the door, in order to gain access into the building.

If our prayers operated like automatic doors, it would look something like: you pray, believe, and almost immediately your request is granted.  Sweet, right?  Then we would all feel pretty good about our faith walk. But more often than not, growth requires for us to exercise our faith, and press through the doubts, fears, and challenges we face.

What happens when you push and you pull, still nothing happens?  Jesus told his disciples about a widow who made a plea to a certain king, but for some time, he refused to grant her request. The widow kept coming to the king, till he finally gave her the petition she asked of him. Then there’s “Blind Bartimaeus” (Mark 10:46-52), who when he heard Jesus was passing by, cried out for healing. When others attempted to silence Bartimaeus, he cried out even the more, and got the Master’s attention.  In Mark 2: 3-5, four men got noticed of Jesus because their faith. The crowd had blocked their access to the room where Jesus was, so they opened up the roof of the home, and led down before Jesus a paralytic in need of healing.

At a very opportune time in my life, I read these words by Margaret Feinberg: “You are not allowed to quit no matter how hard you try.” Tired? Feel like giving up? P.U.S.H: Pray Until Something Happens!


In Him,


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